Lupa Team

Milan Janković

Vladimir Milovanović

Ljubiša Gavrilović

Djordje Nedeljković

What we do

Lupa provides AI-driven data mining, structuring, analytics, and reporting. Your job is challenging enough which is why our goal is to help you handle complex things in a simple way. We want you to use your time better, work smarter, stress less, and feel empowered and in control. Technology should serve its users, not the other way around. In that sense, Lupa is your ally for retaining talented people and supporting them in doing their best work.

Our Mission

We are here to help Law Firms and Construction Companies to capture knowledge that’s buried in data and remove subjectivity from reporting – so that they can work better and let their smart people focus on business growth.

Our Vission

Lupa envisions a world where intricate data becomes actionable wisdom, freeing professionals from complexity. Our mission is to redefine work’s essence, making it efficient, impactful, and rewarding. With Lupa, individuals and organizations navigate data’s labyrinth with ease, focusing on what truly matters.

Our Story

LUPA’s core team consists of construction and legal experts who know the ins and outs of the industry and have witnessed the transition from an analog way of doing things to digital.

We developed LUPA software because we experienced the pain of handling construction disputes first-hand and there wasn’t a suitable solution on the market that worked for us. The competitive landscape is more or less the same. Available tools might assist you in solving just one fragment of your problems, and they are quite expensive. Not to mention most of the solutions lack features you really need, and they are not multilingual or user-friendly.



Data is incredibly underutilized in the construction industry and it’s vastly thanks to the way it’s stored and handled. The true digital transformation is yet to happen and we see ourselves at the forefront of this important shift.

It wasn’t long before we recognized the potential of LUPA serving law firms as well. By consulting with legal experts as our beta users, we expanded the features list and started thinking in terms of creating efficient workflows. LUPA grew into an incredibly powerful and efficient e-discovery tool that eliminates tedious manual work in reviewing documents and managing data.

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