Primavera P6 & MS Project unlocked and simplified.

Expert Schedule Analytics at a click of a button. You don’t need to be a superuser of Primavera or MS Project to use Lupa, obtain key scheduling metrics and uncover hidden critical data. 


eDiscovery & Advanced Data Analytics

Simple and cost-efficient schedule analysis

Imagine the power of MS Project and Primavera analytics, but with a simple interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.

LUPA provides just that – schedule analytics that does the job without imposing a steep learning curve for its users.

Text, Schedule, Drawing Analytics in one place

Expert Schedule Analytics at a click-of-a-button

Project planning and scheduling consultants charge thousands of dollars for schedule analysis. With LUPA and advanced AI technology, insights are immediately available.

  • 14-point DCMA schedule assessment at a click of a button
  • Prevent overconfidence bias when planning
  • Ensure a grade “A” for your project schedule
  • Reduce time to review logic of the schedule
  • Designed for Everyone: from Beginners to Senior Planners

For: Contractors, Managers, Developers, Funders, Lawyers

Smart Schedule Risk Analysis

Uncertainties related to start and finish times, WBS structure, activity duration, working times, and other parameters can result in financial losses, disputes and broken relationships. Prevent the risk of legal disputes by engaging in Smart Schedule Risk Analysis.

  • Monitor your project in real-time to understand potential bottlenecks
  • Predictive analytics combines historical data and AI
  • Link to other Lupa products: eDiscovery and Drawing Analytics to get the 5 W’s answered

Text, Schedule, Drawing Analytics in one place

Delay Analysis in far less time

Project delays are common either due to planning fallacy, unforeseen circumstances, or significant changes in project scope. Be prepared if a legal dispute arises by having immediate access to the facts you need.

  • Review schedules, manpower, MoMs, and DCRs to figure out delay causes
  • Analyze correspondence from different data sources to uncover which deadlines were pushed and why
  • Determine accountability with data evidence
  • Analyze defined project priorities and CoS, and initial stakeholder alignment
  • Effortlessly extract and analyze contract changes and annexes
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Schedule Analytics
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