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AI-driven Text Analytics for Construction.

State of the art Text Analytics tools for Early Case Assessment, Disputes and Investigations.

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Text Analytics & Advanced Data Analytics

Lightning fast Text Analytics

Sift through thousands of pages of contracts, emails, correspondence, and other document types. Extract knowledge with a click so that you can draw the correct conclusions.

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Text, Schedule, Drawing Analytics in one place

Advanced sentence level Text Analytics

Other Text Analytics tools don’t allow for such a granular approach to data analysis as LUPA. Discover valuable information by easily comparing documents – even on a sentence level.

  • Tagging and Multiple Document Comparison
  • Fast and precise Data Processing
  • Data Sorting and Classification
  • Predictive and Bulk Coding
  • Pre-defined Concept Searches

For: Contractors, Managers, Developers, Funders, Lawyers

Review different document formats in a single platform

Valuable information is scattered across different sources. Disputes are won by those who can access and review all the relevant data fast – regardless of its format.

  • 99,7% OCR accuracy
  • Review emails, PDFs, Slack messages, texts, and much more
  • Dozens of file formats supported
  • AI-powered text and image analysis
  • Use Xtract IQ™ to evaluate how comprehensive your data is
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Text, Schedule, Drawing Analytics in one place

Multilingual document review

Imagine the waste of time if you had to first translate documents and then use an Text Analytics tool to analyze them. We believe smart data discovery should be accessible to everyone – regardless of the language they speak.

  • 15+ languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian…
  • Custom-tailored OCR in multiple languages
  • Significant reduction in manual work
  • Real-time data processing for monitoring ongoing projects
  • Advanced search for faster knowledge extraction
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